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updates for fun.

so Kai's 10 weeks old today. he's so big and beautiful. :) he got his pictures taken at sears on friday. so cute! and now he's sucking on his fist-ees. almost has head control. cereal soon! happy face..

Kevin and I adopted another puppy because Smiley had to go... sad day. this new puppy is an english bulldog/rotweiler/pit mix --and oh, is she a terrorist.

we got a dish network like two months ago and it's no better than basic channel cables. i've become such an mtv junkie it's awful. "date my mom" is the dumbest show in existence. so are all the new "made" episodes and "pimp my ride" and "viva la bam" kick ass.

dyed my hair all one color today. the two-tone trailor park lookin' dreaddies weren't cuttin it so i'm at the reddish brownish color again... as if it ever left, right?

somebody talk to me, i feel like i'm out in outerspace out here in the country side. (you know you're jealous), what's everyone doing besides living since high school?

peace out.

oh and ps.- i'm going to see "devil's rejects" saturday after the keller fest on friday. rock on.
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