sam (plasticdolliex) wrote,

"so why is angelo in such a shitty band?" - Bnoll

"... to this i have no answer." -Me

long time no update. reason being--- my parents got divorced, filed bankruptcy and that forced everyone out of the house. so i have my own apartment in larksville. those who were at my first little get together are the ones who matter.


my dad's girlfriend backed into my mirage and pretty much totalled it. FUCK IMPORTS! anyway, she bought me a 92 ford taurus. i love my grandfather-looking-smelling car. it fucking rocks.

i'm the manager at Utopia.

it sucked.

i quit for a week.

couldn't pay rent.
went back.

anyway, i only have one way for everyone to contact me. so that would be my cell phone number. DON'T GIVE IT OUT, FAGGOTS.

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