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school is _____ (for the birds).

what to do before JUNE 6:

academics wise:
pd 1. -astronomy worksheet due tomorrow, make sure i'm passing, notebook check, maybe?, final

pd 4. -write my 1984 paper in marko's class this week (including all questions, notes, quotes and outline for paper), also type up 5 responses to the worksheets she's given us., final

pd 5. -make up like 3 law quizzes
pd 5. -death will & official complaint, final

pd 6. -arguement/persuasion essay for jones due today

pd 8. -learn all my music for my band concert sunday MAY 11 (at 2pm, come see me), final

lycoming wise:
by MAY 16
-orientation packet
-send in dorm confirmation
-medical records & menangitis shot information
-language placement online exam MAY 7
-writing placement exam
-math placement exam

other wise:
-buy a dress for senior tea/find one MAY 22
-buy paint for downstairs w/ mom MAY 6
-mother's day present MAY 11
-band concert MAY 11
-angelo's present MAY 18
-graduation party invitations ASAP
-finish announcements, name cards and invitations
-send them out ASAP
-rahzel & the silent groove in danbury, ct MAY 9
-student run MAY 13
-xmen 2 & the matrix reloaded MAY 2, 15
-my birthday MAY 28
-dorney park trip ?date?


i was gonna go to school yesterday, but then i threw up. hmm, i think my parent's situation is just getting crappier for me. my mom & i bought paint to redo the downstairs. we gotta get ourselves some storage boxes/kaboodles to box alot of shit up then we're going buck wild downstairs. yay, my house won't be dark anymore.

i highlighted alot of quotes and shit for my marko paper. i hope it's right. i also finished my jones paper last night. i have had work all week since saturday up until thursday (tomorrow). i'm not complaining, i need the money.

i still haven't recieved my check from the silent groove yet. i'm hoping that comes soon because my $66 phone bill was due two days ago. i'll get a check from gertrude hawk's tomorrow. yeehaw! more money! i gotta buy birthday presents though. *yippee!*

class is nearly over, so i'm out.

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